Lawn Pests

The most important pest of the St. Augustine Grass in Florida is the southern Chinch Bug.  Damage occurs quickly and without treatment, your lawn and your wallet will pay severely. 

The Bermuda grass is a favorite target for the Tropical Sod Webworm.  These night feeders start to damage blades of grass upon first hatching, and continue as larvae mature.

The most serious insect pest of Florida turf-grasses is the mole cricket.  While they do damage all grasses they prefer Bahia and Bermuda Grasses the most.  This tunneling insect forages near the surface, up to 15 to 20 feet a night.  In the process they disturb the soil, severing root, and uprooting grasses.

Centipede grasses are in constant jeopardy of infestation from Ground Pearls.  These tiny crawlers damage the roots and suck the plants juices.  After secreting a cream-colored coverage around their body, they become spherical and appear much like a small pearl.

When White Grubs are present they infest the lawn in a mosaic pattern.  Heavily infested grasses yellow and die due to extensive root pruning.  Proper grub control is essential for lawn survival.

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