Florida typically receives 50 inches of rain per year.  Unfortunately, it happens mostly in a few months called the rainy season.  Most of the year we experience periods of drought.  These periods of drought are detrimental to our non native plants and grasses s0 we must provide water to ensure their survival. 

A proper irrigation system is the first step, followed by using it correctly.  The best time to set your timer is for early in the morning around 5 am.  Watering in the evening causes fungus to grow and encourages disease.  Your lawn needs 1 inch of water per week and ensuring that you are not over watering is just as important.  If you see excessive weed growth, over watering could play a major factor in there abundance.

To have a qualified representative come to your home at absolutely no cost to you and ensure your irrigation system is calibrated to the correct settings per zone, please just click here.

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