Lawn Care

Our comprehensive lawn service focuses on seasonal changes within our southern climate.  It includes fertilization, weed control and insecticide for control of turf damaging insects and diseases.


Damages caused by insects and diseases can contribute to costly repairs and severely limit your lawns growth.  That is why the LawnBear Service Program applies specially designed products to keep you landscape beautiful and healthy.  This is a crucial time to ensure that your landscape will survive the extreme heat and threat of insects that occur during the summer months.


Our summer program has two significant phases.  During the early summer months we focus on specific problems like weeds, diseases, and insects.  Within the second half of the summer we devote most of our efforts on damaging insects such as aphids and scale, this is the time of year that they will over take your landscape.  Our preventative maintenance program is the answer.


In the south our fall is really an extended summer.  Since it’s late in the growing season new insects begin to flourish in preparation of the dormant season ahead.  This is a vital time in your landscapes life, and proper treatments to prevent infestations are crucial to plant survival.  If your plants get damaged now, they most likely will not survive the winter months.


During the dormant period of a plants life, the LawnBear Service Program focuses on insects that have adapted to surviving the winter months.  By eliminating these threats now, you can significantly affect the volume of springtime pests that will threaten your beautiful landscape.

If you wish to have a qualified expert come out to your property at absolutley no cost to you and provide a thorough and comprehensive analysis of your lawn just click here.

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